Past Special Concentrations


Marcus Granderson
Special Concentration: Rhetoric and Oratory
Faculty Advisor: James Engell
Thesis Title: Black Hope:  The Rhetoric of Racial Progress in the Speeches of Frederick Douglass, Martin Luther King Jr., and Barack Obama

Priscilla Guo
Special Concentration: Technology, Policy, and Society
Faculty Advisor: Latanya Sweeney
Thesis Title: The Judgement of Black Boxes:  Articulating a Right to Technological Due Process within Sentencing Algorithms

Ilana Harris
Special Concentration: Music Cognition and Perception
Faculty Advisor: Richard Wolf
Thesis Title: Alleys of Your Mind: Ideasthetic Immersion in Electronic Dance Music



Isabella Chiu
Special Concentration: Multilingualism in Urban Studies
Faculty Advisor: Peter Rowe
Thesis Title: Reading Between the Signs: How the Presence in Taipei's Urban Linguistic Landscape Changed from the 1950s until the Lifting of Martial Law in 1987

Mattea Mrkusic
Special Concentration: Environmental Studies and Human Rights
Faculty Advisor: Sunil Amrith
Thesis Title: Collapse the Distance: Climate Change and Frontline Storytelling In the Republic of Kiribati

Joy Nasr
Special Concentration: Nuclear Geopolitical Studies 
Faculty Advisor: Mahammet Bas
Thesis Title: The Role of Domestic Politics in Iran's Nuclear Program: 1989-2005

Jonathan Roberts
Special Concentration: Organizational Behavior
Faculty Advisor: Bart Bonikowski
Thesis Title: The Leadership Class: An Analysis of the Participatory Trajectories of University Students Following the 2011 Chilean Student Protests



Sarah Cole
Special Concentration: Education and American Society
Faculty Advisor: Kay Merseth
Thesis Title: Non Honors

Sofie Rose Seymour
Special Concentration: Social Change and the Arts
Faculty Advisor: Doris Sommer
Thesis Title: Honors



Adam Joseph
Special Concentration: Organizational Behavior
Faculty Advisor: Mark Moore
Thesis Title: Hacking for Higher Purpose: The Rise of the Hackathon Movement

Mark Mauriello
Special Concentration: Theater Arts and Performance
Faculty Advisor: Jill Johnson
Thesis Title: Oscar@the Crown and the Love that Dare not Speak Its Name (A Play)



Matthew Alpert
Special Concentration: Virtual Daoism
Faculty Advisor: Edward Hall/Michael Puett
Thesis Title: A PART OF 'A PART OF' subobject classifiers and mereologies

Jacob Brandt
Special Concentration: Drama: Theory and Practice
Faculty Advisor: Martin Puchner
Thesis Title: The Adam Project (A play)

Natalie Doyle
Special Concentration: Global Health and Development
Faculty Advisor: Thomas Burke
Thesis Title: Non Honors

Laura Evans
Special Concentration: Computer Science and Innovation
Faculty Advisor: James Waldo
Thesis Title: Non Honors

Marissa Grenon
Special Concentration: Environmental Health
Faculty Advisor: John Spengler
Thesis Title: Promoting Social and Psychological Wealth in the Urban Public Realm: An Examination of Successful Social Bridges in Three Thriving Regions

Thomas Hwang
Special Concentration: Biomedical Innovation
Faculty Advisor: Daniel Carpenter
Thesis Title: Essays on Innovation and Infectious Disease

Anise Molina
Special Concentration: Dramatic Mediums and Practice
Faculty Advisor: Carol Oja
Thesis Title: Non Honors




Jose Bengochea
Special Concentration: Comparative Imperial History
Faculty Advisor: Emma Dench
Thesis Title: "A Reawakening of Ancient Empires: An Economic Challenge to Imperial Thought"

Rachel Byrd
Special Concentration: Cinedramatic Arts
Faculty Advisor: Marjorie Garber
Thesis Title: (non honors)

Adriana Colon
Special Concentration: Perception and the Body
Faculty Advisor: Deborah Foster
Thesis Title: "How We Choose to End the World"

Margaret Kerr
Special Concentration: Dramatic Theory and Practice
Faculty Advisor: Robert Scanlan
Thesis Title: "Deirdre of the Sorrows"

Ari Rubin
Special Concentration: Geospatial History
Faculty Advisor: Peter Bol
Thesis Title: "Breaking Down Borders: Multiple Perspectives on Land Transactions in Mandatory Palestine, a Case Study of the Wadi-Hawarith Affair"

Benjamin Woo
Special Concentration: Cognitive Science and Music
Faculty Advisor: Guven Gulzeldere
Thesis Title: "Music, Emotion, and the Architecture of Thought" 





Samuel Bakkila
Special Concentration: Inequality and Health
Faculty Advisor: Mary Ruggie
Thesis Title: "Africa and HIV/AIDS: A Colonial and Neoliberal Epidemic"

Priscilla Cosgrove
Special Concentration: Urban Studies
Faculty Advisor: Alex Krieger
Thesis Title: "Controlling a Loveable Freakshow: Social Disorder, Identity, and Collective Efficacy in Venice Beach California"

Elizabeth Kinsey
Special Concentration: Global Health Entrepeneurship
Faculty Advisor: Arthur Kleinman
Thesis Title: "Complexities of Donor Response to Women's Reproductive Health Needs in Sub-Saharan Africa"

Penn Lawrence
Special Concentration: Philosophy and Formal Systems
Faculty Advisor: Philip Koellner
Thesis Title: "The Indispensability Argument and Epistemological Challenges"

Justin Lanning
Special Concentration: Organization Studies
Faculty Advisor: Jal Mehta
Thesis Title: "Designing Effective Feedback Systems for Organizations: Effects on Feedback Given"

Elizabeth Mark
Special Concentration: Performance and Theatre Arts
Faculty Advisor: Robert Scanlan
Thesis Title: "The Graveyard Book"

Karen Schoenherr
Special Concentration: Social Epidemiology
Faculty Advisor: Charles Rosenberg
Thesis Title: (non honors)

Olivia Shopshear
Special Concentration: Bio-medicine and Society
Faculty Advisor: Kenneth Chien
Thesis Title: "Keeping the Promise of Stem Cell Therapeutics in the United States and China"

Sanyee Yuan
Special Concentration: Rhetoric and Performance
Faculty Advisor: James Engell
Thesis Title: "Gambler's Gene's: An Autoethnography of Love"




Hui Feng
Special Concentration: Regional Urban Studies
Faculty Advisor: Susan Fainstein
Thesis Title: "Sante Fe or Fanta Se? The Transfer of Ownership in a Gentrifying Place"

Tracy Han
Special Concentration: Global Health
Faculty Advisor: Judith Palfrey
Thesis Title: (non honors)

Michael Henderson
Special Concentration: Global Health
Faculty Advisor: Jeremy Greene
Thesis Title: "The integration of biomedicine and traditional medicine: A critical examination of governmental efforts in Chiapas, Mexico"

Marco Iannuzzi
Special Concentration: Architecture and Environmental Science
Faculty Advisor: Michael McElroy
Thesis Title: (non honors)

Alexander Karadjian
Special Concentration: Architecture
Faculty Advisor: Eve Blau
Thesis Title: "Between Order and License: Ornament in Serlio's Treatise on Architecture"

Logan Pritchard
Special Concentration: Neuroeconomics
Faculty Advisor: David Laibson
Thesis Title: (non honors)

Cecelia Raker
Special Concentration: Theater Arts
Faculty Advisor: Elizabeth Lyman
Thesis Title: "Skinwalking"

Toby Stein
Special Concentration: Urban Studies
Faculty Advisor: Kathryn Edin
Thesis Title: "Leaders and Laggards: The Story of Public Housing, Real Estate Development, and Organizational Change in Boston, Massachusetts and Portland, Oregon"

George Stubbs
Special Concentration: Organizational Behavior
Faculty Advisor: Richard Hackman
Thesis Title: "The Language of Team Leadership: An Analysis and Comparison of Language Patterns in Ultimate Frisbee"

Hemali Thakkar
Special Concentration: Global Health
Faculty Advisor: Jeremy Greene
Thesis Title: "Tales of Zwedru: A Qualitative Study Assessing Mental Health Care in Rural Liberia"






Christine Bendorf
Special Concentration: Dramatic Literature & Practice
Faculty Advisor: Robert Scanlan
Thesis Title: (non honors)

Charles Frentz
Special Concentration: Postcolonial Development
Faculty Advisor: Niall Ferguson
Thesis Title: "The Economic Decolonization of Hong Kong, 1949-1979"

Intiya Isaza-Figueroa
Special Concentration: Urban Studies
Faculty Advisor: Susan Fainstein
Thesis Title: "The Legacy of Modernist Planning: The Slums of Medellin and the Impact of Metrocable"

Dilyana Karadzhova
Special Concentration: Organizational Studies
Faculty Advisor: Peter Marsden
Thesis Title: "Organizational Detriments of Economically Viable Sustainable Design"

Forrest O'Connor
Special Concentration: Sociomusicology
Faculty Advisor: Kay Shelemay
Thesis Title: "Cultural Action, The Art of Tone and Sonic Brokerage: An Inquiry into Lloyd Loar's F-5 Mandolin Design"

David Rice
Special Concentration: Esoteric Studies
Faculty Advisor: Nicholas Watson
Thesis Title: "A Year in the Woods: Wandering, Horror and Home"

Caitlin Rotman
Special Concentration: Earth Science and Media
Faculty Advisor: David Rodowick / Sujoy Mukhopadhyay
Thesis Title: "Under the City Upon a Hill: Glacial Heritage of Boston"

Shawna Sinnott
Special Concentration: Understanding Terrorism
Faculty Advisor: Peter Heymann
Thesis Title: "Alienation and Allegiance: Establishing a Framework for Analysis of the Root Cause of Terrorism"

John Vogel
Special Concentration: Ecology and Land-Use Planning
Faculty Advisor: Richard Forman
Thesis Title: "Growing our Cities Greener: The Biophilic Basis for Designing with Nature"

Devon Youngblood
Special Concentration: Visualization Studies
Faculty Advisor: Stephen Kosslyn
Thesis Title: "Questioning the Foundations of Universal Color Categories: A Neurobiological, Linguistic, and Cultural Analysis of the Existence of Base Color"