Tutor Information

Information for Tutors

Special concentrations could not exist without the good will and generosity of faculty and teaching fellows willing to serve as tutors for undergraduates who have designed their own field of study. Each tutor will work with his tutee to design and implement a one-term tutorial on the interdisciplinary topic of the student's concentration. Although each tutorial is unique, it is assumed that Tutors for students in Special Concentrations will accept the following as a minimum set of responsibilities:

1. Submission to the Office of Special Concentrations as soon as possible but no later than the fifth Monday of the term, a syllabus/tutorial plan signed by the student's faculty adviser and the tutor providing your address, email address, telephone number, and graduate student status, if applicable.

2. Weekly supervision of tutorial with papers assigned as seem appropriate to the subject matter.

3. Submission of tutorial report with grade at completion of tutorial (grade sheets will be sent in January or May) noting approximate number of meetings, and describing briefly the content of the tutorial. Comments are particularly appreciated, as they are helpful in advising and in writing letters of recommendation. Special Concentrations 91r, 96r, 97r, and 98r are letter- graded courses, while Special Concentrations 99 is graded SAT/UNSAT.

4. General supervision of tutee's academic progress during the term in which the tutorial is taught.

Graduate student tutors should ordinarily have passed their general exams and have taught for one or two terms in the College. Exceptions must be approved by the Director of Studies in consultation with the Faculty Adviser. For questions on compensation, please contact specialconc@fas.harvard.edu.