Overview of Concentration Requirements

Requires Application:

Number of Required Courses: 
14 courses for Non-Honors (56 credits); 16 for Honors (64 credits)

Honors Option:
 Yes (Thesis is required for Honors.)

Joint Concentration Option:

Double Concentration Option: No

Secondary Field: 
Not offered. Students in Special Concentrations may pursue a secondary field of their choosing. 


  • Sophomore (optional)
  • Junior (required for Honors)
  • Senior (1 course required for Non-Honors, 2 for Honors)


Language Required by Dept:
 Not required

Basic Requirements

As each Special Concentrator's program is unique, there are very few basic requirements which apply to all students in the concentration. Each concentrator's individual Plan of Study is approved as part of the process of admission to the concentration. If there is a substitution of courses for more than 25 percent of the original courses proposed and a clear change in focus (e.g. from Caribbean Studies to Mediterranean Studies), the program must be reviewed by the Standing Committee on Special Concentrations. All individual substitutions or changes in courses to be counted for the concentration must be approved by the individual's Faculty Adviser and by the Director of Studies. Any special requirement for a Special Concentration is established at the time the original Plan of Study is approved.

Non-honors concentrators must take a minimum of fourteen half-courses in the concentration. The only required course is Special Concentrations 96r, a senior project ordinarily taken during the term before graduation.

Honors concentrators must present a minimum of sixteen half-courses in the concentration. A year-long junior tutorial, Special Concentrations 98r, is ordinarily required of all honors candidates. During the senior year, honors candidates must enroll in two terms of Special Concentrations 99 and produce a thesis or its equivalent.

All courses counted for concentration must be taken for a letter grade, with the exception of SC99 (thesis tutorial) or an appropriate Freshman Seminar, which may be counted toward concentration with the permission of the Committee. Each letter-graded course for concentration must be passed with a grade of C or higher.

All Special Concentrators, both honors and non-honors candidates, must take a three-hour written, or one-hour oral general examination (please see section on "General Examination.")